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Recognizing what Brentwood wants, then going for it

Creating a Comprehensive Plan allows communities to establish their defining core values. Brentwood residents, business owners and other stakeholders can use this planning process to define:

  • What makes the borough a great place to live and do business, and what would make it an even better place?

  • What is important about the history, cultural and natural assets and history that should be preserved?

  • What are problems to solve?

  • What is the best-case scenario for the area's future, and what can we do now to make it a reality?


The planning process will explore such questions with local elected and appointed officials, a variety of stakeholders and, most importantly, the public.



The Implementable Comprehensive Plan has two major phases that will play out over about 18 months. The first involves listening to the community. The consultant will conduct outreach in a variety of ways to gather perspectives that will help define a set of key issues that are of primary importance to the community. After vetting these with officials and the public, in phase two the consultant will drill down for solutions, identifying preferred future scenarios and developing precise, realistic action plans to address key issues.


The result will be a highly detailed set of strategies that will be of immediate use to staff, community leaders and partners who can help make the plan's vision come alive.





Elected officials have appointed a group of volunteers to direct the planning process, consisting of local leaders, residents and business owners representing a variety of perspectives.

Pashek+MTR, a Pittsburgh landscape architecture and community planning studio that pioneered the Implementable Comprehensive Plan model, is facilitating the project.


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