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Review the Draft

The plan draft is here!

Please click the link below to view and/or download the PDF. You can also leave comments to let us know what you think. After the comment period, Council will advertise public hearings on the plan before considering adoption.

Want the Recap?

Read a summary of the update and discussion from the November 2 Public Open House. Residents provided feedback on the plan's key issues and recommendations.

Brentwood Social Media_Website Background.png

What comes next?

Help us decide.


The Borough is creating an Implementable Comprehensive Plan that will guide policy priorities, budget decisions and land use regulations for years to come – and it will be based on the input of those who live and work here.

Over the next 18 months, the Borough will work to learn what issues and opportunities are the most important for the community to address during the next decade and devise effective targeted strategies. The end result will be a detailed playbook for getting projects underway and improvements made.

This planning effort will be crowd-sourced, as public input will form the foundation of the plan and will help decide which local issues become priorities. Key issues could include such topics as:

  • Supporting and growing local business opportunities

  • Increasing walkability

  • Mitigating traffic and parking issues

  • Stabilizing and beautifying neighborhoods

  • Maintaining environmental assets

  • Planning for future infrastructure needs

  • Stormwater/flooding issues (is a stormwater fee necessary?)

  • Zoning and code matters

  • Civic life and events

  • Recreation opportunities (maybe a new walking trail and/or park in the Hollow)

  • Other issues or ideas within the purview of local government.


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